Guide: How to Build an ESG Programme

Published by AuditBoard

Audit, risk, compliance, and sustainability professionals have a pivotal role to play in helping organisationss navigate the challenges of ESG reporting, such as auditing new business areas, selecting the right tools and investments to support your programmes, and driving a strategy that will ensure long-term value creation. Meanwhile, hurdles like disaggregated data, resource constraints, and confusion about what’s required threaten to impede progress. 

AuditBoard’s Step-by-Step Guide is here to help. Download the full guide for resources and learn how to:

  • Determine which ESG metrics matter to your business and select frameworks.
  • Navigate data-collection challenges and use materiality and benchmarking to set ESG goals and strategy.
  • Make decisions that drive programme maturity and competitive differentiation.
  • Translate ESG goals and initiatives into action plans and engagement.
  • Get systems in place to maximise the value of your data — and value for stakeholders.

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